Football concept:

Football is a competitive sport, extremely popular, played with two teams of 11 players each, which move by driving a round ball with feet, within a rectangular field of play, varying measures of approximately one hundred Meters long by 75 meters wide, grass, natural or artificial , with two facing arches, each defended by an archer who must prevent the opposing team from entering inside that bow the ball. If this happens the team that manages to put the ball in the opposite arc scores a goal. Hands are only used to make withdrawals.

While it is a traditionally male sport, women have begun to practice it with great enthusiasm Within the game positions, in addition to the goalkeeper or keeper to which we alluded, there are defenders, who are located in the form of an arch, and whose function is to prevent rivals can make them goal.

At the center of the playing field is located the midfielder or flying player, who collaborates with the strikers or attackers, who serve as scorers, bringing them the ball coming from the defenders. The control of the party that lasts two times of forty-five minutes each, among which there is an interval of fifteen minutes, is in charge of an arbitrator.

Football is a sport that is played with a round ball, in which 11 players per team participate, which are divided into goalkeeper, defenders, media and forwards, is practiced with the foot and the only one that can put the hand is the goalkeeper , But only in a special area of ​​the court.

The court must be rectangular, with two goals on each side and the goal is to put the ball between those goals to score a goal. The team that scores the most goals in a time of 90 minutes will be the winner, although draws are allowed and in case a winner is necessary, there may be a 30-minute extension and penalty shoot-out until one team has more scores than another.

1. The pitch

The matches may be played on natural or artificial surfaces, in accordance with the rules of the competition.

The pitch will be rectangular, divided into two halves and marked with lines. These lines will belong to the zones that they demarcate.

2. The ball:

Features and measures

• It will be spherical.

• It will be made of leather or any other suitable material.

• It shall have a circumference of not more than 70 cm and not less than 68 cm.

• It will have a weight not exceeding 450 g and not less than 410 g at the beginning of the match

• It will have a pressure equivalent to 0.6-1.1 atmospheres at sea level.

3. The number of players:

The match will be played by two teams consisting of a maximum of eleven players each, one of whom will play as a goalkeeper. The match will not start if one of the teams has less than seven players.

4. The equipment of the players:

The mandatory basic equipment of a player consists of the following pieces:

• A jersey or T-shirt. If underwear is worn, the sleeves of this clothing should be the main color of the jersey sleeves or jersey.

• Shorts. If short or long thermal meshes are used, they should have the main color of the shorts.

• Socks. If tape or a similar material is used on the outside, it should be the same color as the part of the stockings on which it is worn.

• Shin guards / shin guards. They shall be made of rubber, plastic or similar material suitable for adequate protection and shall be covered by stockings.

• Footwear

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